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How to build and manage a successful ERG

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Delve in to our recent webinars addressing various topics aimed at educating and enhancing neuro-inclusion practices in the workplace to ensure every employee is supported.

Q&A with Dr Louise: Neuro-difference Disclosure

Q&A: Personalised Workplace Adjustments

Embracing data to drive neuro-inclusion

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Embracing cognitive diversity in the workplace

Introduction to Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Manager Responsibilities for Reasonable Adjustments: ADHD

Workplace Guide to Neurodifference Disclosure


Office-based workplace accessibility audit

How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations: HR Responsibilities

How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations: Manager Responsibilities

Your quick guide to equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace

Employers' Responsibilities: Reasonable Adjustments, Equality Act & Discrimination

How to understand and implement reasonable adjustments

Common barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives and how to overcome them

Neurodiversity recruitment: How neuro-inclusive are your hiring practices?


Discover the range of Neuro-inclusion packages available to you and your workforce.

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