B Corp Impact Report 2023/24

Cognassist, April 2024

150+ Customers

> 300,000 Individuals Assessed

7,000+ employees trained

In neurodiversity and compliance


Cognassist is a neuro-inclusion SaaS platform that is transforming the way organisations approach inclusion in the workplace. Our platform is designed to empower organisations to achieve their inclusion goals with ease by creating a neuro-inclusive environment that is embedded into their culture. At Cognassist, we believe that creating a culture of neuro-inclusion is crucial to promoting diversity, equity, and belonging in the workplace. That’s why we offer certified training programmes, on-demand resources, and evidence-based reasonable adjustments that organisations can use to achieve their inclusion goals. Our data-driven approach to roadmap prioritisation ensures that organisations can make informed decisions about where to focus their efforts for maximum impact. With Cognassist, organisations can create a culture of inclusion that benefits everyone in the workplace. Our platform is designed to promote understanding, awareness, and empathy for individuals with neurodiverse needs, helping organisations create a more welcoming and supportive environment. By embracing neuro-inclusion, organisations can unlock the full potential of their workforce and drive greater innovation, productivity, and growth.

What is B Corp?

B Corp is a global movement of corporations that believe in using business as a force for good. These certified companies meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Cognassist is a certified B Corp. As a B Corp we are committed to being the change we wish to see in the world, empowering communities, and driving meaningful progress toward a brighter future for all.

Why B Corp?

In 2023 Cognassist undertook the B Corp Impact Assessment for the first time, we are proud of our Impact Score of 108.3. The objective to become a B Corp came from its high standards of ethics and the presence of other outstanding brands and businesses within the community.

The rigorous process, has enabled us to partner our ESG objectives with the highest standard of expectations, fostering further accountability to our stakeholders—our team, community, and customers. Our commitment to B Corp ensures that our sustainable practices not only endure but also set a benchmark of excellence for us to adhere to.

We are Cognassist





Employee Morale Score




of Employees are Neurodiverse


edtech start up in the UK


of Employees identify as female

Company Highlights 2023/24

Gresham House Invest £4m in 2023

In April 2023, Gresham House Ventures, a growth equity investor, specialising in scaling companies across a diversified range of sectors made a £4mn investment in Cognassist. This investment has and will continue to facilitate significant expansion for Cognassist into the enterprise market, where our science-backed technology will enable businesses to support neurodiverse employees and ensure they are able to reach their full potential.

Our Customers

In 2024 we Launched our Neuro-inclusion training, certified by global skills development consultants, City & Guilds and ILM. The Training ensures that your workforce is equipped to expertly navigate neurodiversity, fostering an environment of openness and proactive support.

Disclosure framework

Our People

At Cognassist, our vision of creating a more inclusive world, starts with us. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience drives us forward every day. We offer our workers a comprehensive benefits package. Within the last 12 months we have further enhanced our employee benefits package to provide our teams with the best possible benefits, the latest tools, and nurturing environments to work in.

Our Employee Benefits Include

EMI Scheme

Sanctus Coaching

Medical Healthcare

Wellbeing Days

Volunteer Days


Birthday Day Off

Enhanced Maternity

AIG Life Insurance

Neurovdiversity Week 2024

This year our presence during Neurodiversity Celebration week was more impactful than ever. We delivered Free on Demand Webinars highlights of which included ‘The Power of Neuro-inclusion’ and ‘Our neuro-inclusion journey’ from PwC all delivered by our CEO, Chris Quickfall including guest speakers from PWC, Centrica and Informa Markets.

Our Impact Score

In April 2023 we were proud to achieve a Score of 108.3. We strive to make impact that overcomes boundaries and inspires meaningful change. Our Impact Score is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating positive impact. Though overwhelmed with our score we felt strongly that we wanted consistent excellence across all areas of Impact. In the year since certification, we have made conscious effort across the organisation to strive for greater sustainable practices.



Impact Area

Our Score

Sector Average

Governance 14.9 8.6
Workers 34.5 22.3
Community 14.6 14.7
Environment 8.4 4.3
Customers 35.7 23.1

Some of Our Amazing Customers Include

Governance 14.9

At Cognassist, we take pride in achieving a Governance score of 14.9. This high score reflects our unwavering commitment to upholding rigorous standards of compliance, transparency, and ethics across all areas of our operations.

Ensuring transparency, protection of data and adherence to best practices within our operational model is paramount to us. We believe that our supply chain should mirror the same level of robustness and ethical integrity as our customers expect from us. Our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards is unwavering and central to our business ethos.

What We Did 2023/24

  • Recruited Head of Information Security
  • GRCA Governance Forum Monthly
  • Client Assurance Function
  • Further Refinement of Procurement Processes to include further Environmental Policies checks
  • Asset Management Audit
  • ISO 27001, 9001,14001 Audit Completion
  • ISO 13485 Compliant
  • Mandatory Training Compliance Target
  • Recertified Cyber Essentials

Workers 34.5

At Cognassist we aim to practice what we preach. We focus on an inclusive environment making underrepresented groups feel equally included and empowered in the workplace. Our differences are our Superpower. Our Cognitive Assessment, Neurodiversity Training and Reasonable Adjustments are used as part of our in-house processes to support our employees and Team to Thrive and act as Blueprint for the future of Neuro-diverse workforce.

Remote, flexible working is available to all as standard. We believe this engages and supports our employee well-being which is always at the forefront of our vision.

To further support our employees in 2023, we partnered with Sanctus Coaching. Sanctus offers tailored 1-2-1 holistic coaching available as a benefit to all employees. So fac Sanctus has delivered over 82 sessions to our 50% of our workers.

What We Did 2023/24

  • Sanctus Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly People Plan, Employee Well Being Sessions
  • Pay Salary increase in line with cost-of-living adjustments for all employees
  • Annual Bench Mark and Salary Review
  • Summer Strategy and Wellbeing Event
  • Flexible Working as Standard
  • Benefits Policy in Practice Session
  • Internal Assured Neuro-Diversity Training
  • Well Being Days
  • Enhanced Maternity Policy
  • Additional Holiday for Birthday
  • CogAcademy Training

Community 14.9

Community lies at the heart of our mission to foster a more neuro-inclusive world. Our product is dedicated to supporting the underserved by raising awareness and implementing strategies for inclusion in education and business while promoting diversity and acceptance. We lead by example. In 2023, we intensified our efforts in driving Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) within our own organsation. Since certification we now have a dedicated ED&I forum which focuses specifically on Impact.

In 2023 we have delivered more Webinars than ever before in support of educating on Neuro-diversity.  These sessions were dedicated to educating employers on the integration of neuro-inclusion within their organizations and aiding them in understanding their obligations under the Equality Act 2010 to create greater awareness.

What We Did 2023/24

  • All Employees receive two paid Volunteer Days Per Year
  • Free City&Guilds Assured E-Learning to the Bee-Hive Community
  • Created an ED&I Group
  • ED&I Policy and Practice Session
  • Monthly ED&I Impact Tracker
  • World Mental Health Day Awareness and Donation
  • International Women’s Day, Women in Tech
  • Charitable Donations
  • Neurodiversity
  • Disable Workers Reasonable Adjustments Policy
  • Standard format policy for outreach materials for inclusivity

Environment 8.4

Cognassist are committed to minimise our measurable Impact on the Environment which is reflected in our Environmental Policy.

We are commendable in our business operations in that we currently have minimal adverse impact on the environment.

In 2023 however, we have met the challenge to improve our impact by focusing on ways to amend any practices which could be more sustainable.

Through a sustainability review of our Marketing and Events practices we were able to identify and improve on ways in which we could still reach our customers and make impact whilst reducing our Carbon Footprint through online Events.

To further support our Environmental mission, we also funded employee L&D specifically focused on Environmental Sustainability in Business Practices.

In the next 12 months, we will further focus on our existing corporate practices to reduce our harm to the environment whilst continuing to promote environmental initiatives and educate our team on climate impact.

What We Did 2023/24

  • Increased our remote events to reduce our Carbon Footprint Switched to e-Business Cards from Paper Based
  • Use of multipurpose exhibition materials and stand for use as multiple events
  • Changed Event merchandise from single use items to reusable branded water bottles
  • Reviewed processes to limit waste and support reduction of single use plastic
  • Explored corporate gifting practices which are more sustainable
  • Delegate funded education at Cambridge Judge Business School in ESG Transition to Sustainable Business
  • Volunteer Day Audit to increase utilisation for Environmental Impact
  • #Showyourstripes World Earth Day 2024 Awareness

Customers 35.7

Customer focus at all times remains central to our efforts. Our impressive Customer score of 35.7 reflects this.

Throughout 2023, we continued to elevate our support for our Customers, their Employees and Learners by further enhancing our solution offerings to create an unparalleled solution to deliver our most advanced Cognitive Assessment and Support Package. This included the introduction of certified Neurodiversity Training, a Neuro-difference disclosure framework, advanced cognitive mapping, and personalised workplace adjustment plans. Additionally, in the past year, we welcomed a dedicated User Researcher to our team. Since joining Cognassist they have analysed data from over 1000 participants through user panel research and surveys. Their role continues to be pivotal in comprehensively understanding the needs of our customers, employers, educators, and users, ensuring our products effectively meet their requirements.

What We Did 2023/24

  • V2 Assessment Customer Roll Out
  • Launched New Neuro-inclusion Packages
  • City&Guilds Accredited E-Learning Training
  • Comprehensive Data Research and Analysis
  • Employer and Educator Focused Webinars
  • Neurodiversity Library for Employers and Educators
  • Insights Blog
  • Success Stories
  • Case Studies
  • Customer Focused Success Metrics

Thank You

As we embark on another year of making an impact, we take immense pride in reflecting unwavering commitment to our stakeholders, employers, customers, and the neuro-diverse community. We’ve made significant strides in advancing diversity in education and the employer space, serving our customers, learners, and users to propel them towards a more inclusive and diverse future.

In 2024/25 we commit to further integrating ourselves within the B Corp Community. Let us be the change we want to see, together. We will continue to embrace Neurodiversity every day, uniqueness is a superpower.