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We identify and support apprentices who are learning as part of their off-the-job training. With over 500 learning resources mapped to apprenticeship standards, you can be sure that your apprentices will be supported throughout their learning journey. Our learners tell us that they use the strategies at work and in their learning. And learning providers tell us that our resources help with retention, improve the quality of their provision and support both staff and learners whilst also providing access to additional funding streams. Talk to us about how we can help you sell your services to employers, whilst also removing barriers to learning for all your apprentices. And please do get in touch if you’d like a demo or to talk further to any of our team.

For more information on how Cognassist can help support you and your learners, apply for a demo, contact us or view our resources.

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We have seen a substantial rise in the number of learners identified and therefore the funding we can access has dramatically increased. We wouldn’t have been able to do this had we not identified Cognassist. The team are always there to help and have taken all of the ideas we have on board to develop the product.

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