With more people working remotely, many of us are finding our work and home life blurred together. 

And by now the lustre and novelty of working from home has definitely worn off.  

Offices that have been hastily created in bedrooms, kitchens, basements and conservatories loom over our daily personal life.  

And our coworkers, who either have fur and insist on sitting on our keyboards or are yelling that they want another snack for the tenth time, don’t quite provide the on the job support we need.  

There are distractions galore and not nearly enough hours in the day.  

But there are ways to find a work/life balance when working remotely, even in the most chaotic of situations.  

Adapting to new situations is nearly always stressful and stress can be demotivating over time.  

Learning to cope isn’t about fixing any problems, it’s simply about doing your best to deal with them in ways that work for you.  

Whether you’re working full-time or adjusting flexible hours, working remotely demands new skills, and adopting a few life hacks will help you to thrive in a changing working environment. 

A how to guide 

We’re providing free access to a series of our learning strategies to give everyone a few vital resources.  

The support we provide to learners across the UK and internationally is all about delivering effective coping strategies for all kinds of situations.  

It’s genuinely our job to help people adapt and succeed.  

And we know that more of us could use a few helpful tips right now.  

We use the term neurodiversity because everyone thinks differently. Our brains are like our fingerprints, unique to each of us.  

All our work aims to be as inclusive as possible, so each of these helpful strategies gives clear and easy-to-follow advice suited to a range of neurodiverse learning preferences. 

Give it a go and click here to boost your productivity and motivation when working from home.  

We hope it brings about some positive changes and helps any of you who may be seeking new ways to adapt to your working situation. 

All the best, the Cognassist team