Personalised learning strategies

Understand learner starting points

Understand how your learners think and easily become aware of which activities they will likely struggle with. We give you the insight you need to accurately define starting points for each learner which can improve completion rates and contribute towards an enhanced Ofsted grade.

Learner-centred, engaging, media-rich resource library

The Cognassist learning library contains over 500 media-rich resources, and includes video, graphics and interaction. Learners are assigned a cognitively tailored learning plan of strategies based on their strengths and weaknesses. Using this learner-centred, personalised approach, we’ll help you create independent learners who have skills to last a lifetime.

Short courses for higher engagement

Our solution features short courses each lasting between 3 and 10 minutes. They’re easy to embed in a broader course or in a tutor support programme and don’t overload the learner. This means a more engaged learner, higher success rates and better outcomes for all.

Directed by an expert team

Resources are developed and personalised plans directed by our team of educational psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists. You can be sure the resources are scientifically tailored to individual learner needs meaning better outcomes and a more engaged learner.

Mapped to the curriculum

Curriculum appropriate strategies mapped across levels 1-6 means learners are provided with strategies that suit their particular needs. They are encouraged to think more critically and analytically as levels advance ensuring better outcomes at all stages.

Cognition, neurodiversity and personalised learning – an introduction

Now you can learn more about this essential topic in this 30-minute webinar recording from Cognassist’s Head of Science, and neurodiversity expert, Dr. Louise Karwowski. In this webinar you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how the ‘8 domains’ of the brain impact learning and thinking and how to identify and support neurodiversity.

Cognassist is more of a personal touch and it pinpoints more of what you are as a person and not just as a set class of 30 people.

Sarah Newcomb
Level 4 Business Admin student, Lincoln College
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