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Data and security

Rigorous testing process

At Cognassist we keep our systems safe from external attack by performing regular testing and analysis. The testing process involves assessing our systems for any potential weaknesses that could arise. We usually perform the tests outside of business hours so we minimise the impact on your everyday use of Cognassist. Safe, secure, reliable.

Dedicated security team

Our team of experts in data, security and compliance ensure we never fail to meet both our legal and our moral obligations with respect to data and security. This experienced team of staff are responsible for policy, process, reporting and management and internal communications and training. And our technical team are trained and experienced in handling client and learner data safely and securely increasing our accountability and your confidence.

UK-shored server infrastructure

All our servers are shored in the United Kingdom. This complies with Department for Education (DfE) advice and ensures we never lose track of your data. Our servers ensure efficiency, power and performance and are managed by experts. With Cognassist, you can be confident you’re in good hands.

ISO 27001

We’re ISO 27001 certified so you can be sure we implement a robust approach to information security and keep our clients’ data safe. Our systems ensure that sensitive learner information is managed systematically in a way that remains secure. Our IT infrastructure has been designed with security as our number one priority so you can rest assured that we are protecting your learners’ data.

Ensuring your peace of mind

We ensure our handling of personal data abides by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have an internal team dedicated to data security. Our staff are trained in data handling with clear permission levels to ensure your peace of mind. By taking a process approach across the company we provide solutions and services that consistently meet the needs of our clients and give a guarantee of quality and compliance.

We understand that how your brain works is the most sensitive of data so we have always taken data security seriously and have a constant review process to ensure we stay secure.

Chris Quickfall
CEO, Cognassist

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