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Analytics and insight

Reasonable adjustments documentation for fairer assessment

Cognassist offers a robust system to identify and communicate reasonable adjustments which can be explored to suit that individual in an assessment environment . This ensure all learners are given a fair assessment based on their recognised needs.

Understand learner starting points

Understand how your learners think and easily become aware of which activities they will likely struggle with. We give you the insight you need to accurately define starting points for each learner which can improve completion rates and contribute towards an enhanced Ofsted grade.

Applied neuroscience means learner success

We train your workforce to apply cognitive neuroscience principles within an educational environment, how to read assessment reports and also act on ongoing learner-specific guidance so they can support your learners to succeed as well as develop the diversity and equality skills they need for the future.

Supports additional funding claims

We offer a robust process to identify those who qualify for additional funding plus staff training and support, personalised learning adaptions and learner tracking. This means there’ll be less opportunity to deliver high quality support that goes unfunded and greater opportunity for both your learners and your organisation.

Identify trends and manage learner and staff performance

Sophisticated performance dashboards show tutors which learners are independently learning and provides tools to encourage more of this activity. Managers can also see operational performance metrics of tutors engaging with learners so they can manage to pre-determined standards and ensure no learner is left behind.

The report has so much information on there which is an easy read… Click the button, you can see what each Assessor is doing, how many learners have engaged and how many need to, and then that makes it easy to send out reminders as well. The data for the monetary values as well is really good to see, keeps you positive and keeps you going with the engagement rates.

Keeley Nicholson
Apprenticeship Learning Support Coordinator, Lincoln College

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