Join us at The AoC Annual Conference Conference 2021

We are excited to be back out there with you all at The AoC Annual Conference 2021. You can buy your tickets here. 

Cognassist is on a mission to ensure no learner is left behind and we want you to join us.

Those who use initial cognitive assessment can benefit from improved learner attainment, retention and progression, as well as evidencing clear starting points and reasonable adjustment guidance.

We believe you can’t build a quality provision without placing equality firmly at the heart of your organisation. And we aren’t the only ones.

The 2019 Education Inspection Framework from Ofsted places a significant emphasis on the importance of supporting all learners.

Whether you’re worried about getting it wrong or just not sure where to start, organisations and staff have a duty to support different learning needs.

We’ve just released a whitepaper: “How to support and safeguard your learners’ needs from day one”. In this, we share 3 reasons why initial assessment makes all the difference to organisations and individuals.

Download it now, for free.

#EqualityIsQuality #NoLearnerLeftBehind