Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contingency Planning

Page last updated: 31/07/2020
Below are the steps Cognassist has taken to keep our customers, their learners and employees safe in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We’d like to reassure you that Cognassist is designed to support remote use and that we have robust contingency plans in order to ensure continuity of service and any disruption to your business operations is minimised.

Cognassist is ‘Location Neutral’
As we come to the end of Summer in lockdown we continue to see new customers coming on board in order to better support their learners remotely.

Cognassist is designed to support remote use:

  • The cognitive assessment can be completed by the learner on any laptop or desktop computer.
  • The assessment report can be discussed by the tutor and the learner without the need for face-to-face contact.
  • The personalised learning strategies are delivered monthly to the learner via our software and can be completed 24/7 on any device (laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone).
  • During this time our staff training sessions will be delivered remotely via webinar so you can be sure your staff are confident to support all learners with neurodiverse needs.
  • We have also expanded our training sessions to include interactive “Drop-in” sessions where trainers can answer your questions and demonstrate functionality. You can register via our online calendar.

In short, Cognassist is ‘location neutral’.

In addition, while the virus remains a threat, we thought you’d be interested in these learning resources we’ve developed on the subject of supporting remote working and dealing with stress, which have been unlocked for anyone to access:

  1. How to stay focused and motivated when working remotely
  2. How to become more adaptable and flexible to change
  3. Helping others cope with change
  4. How change can impact your work environment
  5. Stress: The positive and negative emotion

Health & Safety
Our priority will always be the health and safety of our customers, their learners and our employees. Below, you will find some of the steps we have taken regarding attending meetings or training sessions and the additional steps we are taking to ensure continuation of your service. We are carefully monitoring the latest information regarding COVID-19 and will continue to follow official Government and Public Health England advice in our operations. Any further updates to will be communicated to you via email.

Additional Measures Cognassist is Taking

  • We have set up a dedicated COVID-19 response team that meets weekly to review operations, plus, official Government and Public Health England advice is reviewed daily.
  • We have reviewed and updated our Business Continuity Plan, a summary of which is available on request by emailing
  • We will update this, as required, in line with the latest official Government advice and any other COVID-19 related communications.
  • All customers who have booked a face-to-face training session or meeting will have their training and meetings switched to an online session.

We recommend all customers and staff keep themselves up to date with the Government’s latest advice, which can be found here, and NHS information on the virus and how to protect yourself, which can be found here.

We understand that the situation could change, but please rest assured that we are monitoring this and will keep you updated. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

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