Cognition technology at the AoC Annual Conference 2019

Posted on November 18th, 2019

The AoC conference will feature topics as broad ranging as Digital Transformation, the new EIF and SEND, The College of the Future and Funding in the 2020’s. At Cognassist we have been surprised at how many of the topics touch on what we believe is possible with data-driven cognitive neuroscience.

Digital Transformation

Is there anything more resource intensive than the one-to-one assessment of individuals to determine if they have additional learning needs? What if colleges could apply the latest neuroscience and data technology to analyse learners in only thirty minutes, how much time would that release for educational psychologists to support all students in need of help. This is exactly what Cognassist offers, the ability to assess all learners, quickly and accurately, to ensure no one with additional needs is missed and then providing personalised learning strategies matched to the learners needs.

The new Educational Inspection Framework

A couple of Cognassist’s customers have been among the first to go through the new Educational Inspection process and we were delighted to hear that both have improved previous ratings. In a recent webinar Marina Gaze, former deputy director for FE at OfSted, spoke about OfSted’s 3 I’s and how strategy is tied to “intent”, how an organisation plans to identify and support the learning needs of all learners not just those who identify themselves as having additional learning needs. How an organisation implements those intentions to maximise the positive impact on the learner will heavily influence the quality of education score. Cognassist not only identifies learners with additional needs, it also gives those being assessed insight into themselves, it gives tutors insight into learner needs, it gives managers insight into performance and it gives assessors insight into what reasonable adjustments might be required at end-point assessment. The fourth “I” of the new EIF could be inclusivity, the equality of opportunity for every learner, something we at Cognassist are very passionate about.

The college of the future

As learning establishments, being able to tailor learning to the learners needs and giving the learner the skills to adapt where that is not possible should surely be the goal. Wouldn’t it be great to bring the power of data and digitalisation to bear on this most human of problems? Cognassist’s cognitive assessment does exactly this, it measures each individual learners cognitive strengths and weaknesses across eight domains and, where there is a need, it provides learning strategies to help them adapt. We imagine a college of the future where every learner understands how their brain works and how they learn best and is supported in achieving the best they can.

Funding in 2020

With funding tied to numbers, ALN identification rates, learner retention rates and achievement rates, it is obvious how cognitive assessment can help. If colleges are places where students are not only taught, but taught how to learn better and with a better understanding of how they learn then they can create a more supportive and less stressful environment with better retention and achievement rates.

In a nutshell, Cognassist is cognition technology for the future thinking organisation. With it you can transform outcomes for learners with additional learning needs, improve the quality of your provision, and access increased funding.

Visit us on stand 8 at the AoC Annual Conference to download our think piece on funding, enter our exciting prize draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher or talk to us about how data driven cognitive assessment has increased income, retention, and completion rates for colleges with apprentices.

Posted on November 18th, 2019
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