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As a cutting-edge EdTech neuroscience company, we at Cognassist like to think we can contribute to thought leadership in the educational and science arenas. To this end we publish blogs on a regular but not too frequent basis on topics which we hope you will find relevant. We announce new blog posts across all our social media so just follow us on your preferred channel to stay up to date.

24th January 2020

Improving quality of provision for SEND learners through cognitive assessment

Some of the most talented and successful people I work with tell me that during the early, and in some case the tertiary, stages of their education, they were told that they were ‘thick’ and wouldn’t amount to anything. Invariably, when we talk more, it transpires that this cruel and damaging label stayed with them […]

18th September 2019

DfE, End-Point-Assessment, Reasonable Adjustments and You.

What does the new guidance from the DfE for End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO’s) regarding reasonable adjustments mean? And what’s its potential impact on employers, training providers and EPAO’s? It should mean nothing. This is not new legislation. Instead it is helpful guidance on how to implement the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. Organisations – […]

18th November 2019

Cognition technology at the AoC Annual Conference 2019

The AoC conference will feature topics as broad ranging as Digital Transformation, the new EIF and SEND, The College of the Future and Funding in the 2020’s. At Cognassist we have been surprised at how many of the topics touch on what we believe is possible with data-driven cognitive neuroscience. Digital Transformation Is there anything […]

1st November 2019

Procurement and the new academic year

Why Cognassist is an essential part of your procurement planning. With the new academic year underway and a new cohort of learners now settled in their courses, thoughts turn to the next round of budget and business case planning for new solutions and services. In most cases, learning providers are likely to need services and […]

30th August 2019

A Short Q&A with PTS Training Academy

PTS Training Academy are specialists in providing apprenticeships, learner loans & commercial training, all fully funded by the UK Government & European Social Fund. They’ve been good enough to answer a few questions about their experience of using Cognassist. How long have you been using Cognassist? PTS Training Academy has been using Cognassist since March […]

9th August 2019

Short Q&A with Lincoln College Staff

We spoke to Mark Care and Keeley Nicholson from Lincoln College about how Cognassist was working for them and the successes they’d had with our unique assessment and learning resources solution for learners with additional learning needs. Q. Overall, what impact has Cognassist had on your organisation? A. We’ve increased income into the College, by […]

4th February 2019

What new providers need to know about Ofsted – an essential guide from our expert

Is the prospect of an Ofsted inspection putting you into a state of mild panic? We asked our expert, Marina Gaze, former Ofsted director, for her advice on how to prepare. Here’s her summary of what to expect. Note that: All monitoring visits to new providers joining RoATP currently focus on the same three themes. […]

12th October 2018

Apprenticeships 4 England – The theme tune from ‘Jaws’ and our Chris Jones Top Three Tips

“Reasonable is not an impossible level to reach”. We attended the Apprenticeships 4 England event in Coventry earlier this week where we heard from a range of speakers across the sector including Rob Nitsch from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Chris Jones from Ofsted. Quirky highlight of the day was Chris walking on stage to […]

12th October 2018

Cognassist and Central YMCA at Party Conferences

Over the past two years, apprenticeship numbers have declined. The Apprenticeship Levy, which was intended to raise apprenticeship numbers, appears to instead be raising concerns, whilst issues surrounding school careers advice and financial support for hard to reach potential learners persist. Central YMCA and Cognassist decided something needed to be done. Fortunately, the annual political […]

5th April 2018

Behind the Scenes: Working for the future of the apprenticeship sector

This month, Cognassist’s CEO Chris Quickfall delivered an exclusive workshop about supporting neurodiversity, at the apprenticeship sector’s flagship calendar event, the Annual Apprenticeship Conference. This event sees apprenticeship employers and providers gather from across the country to hear from the sector’s highest profile leaders on the latest policy and practice. The fourth AAC event was […]

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