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As a cutting-edge EdTech neuroscience company, we at Cognassist like to think we can contribute to thought leadership in the educational and science arenas. To this end we publish blogs on a regular but not too frequent basis on topics which we hope you will find relevant. We announce new blog posts across all our social media so just follow us on your preferred channel to stay up to date.

21st September 2020

Helping Others Cope with Change: International Week of Happiness at Work

How to cope with change when it doesn’t feel easy This year’s International Week of Happiness at Work has fallen at a very strange time. And honestly, even when we feel we’re supposed to be happy, it’s ok if we’re not. Life is a constant series of changes and challenges. As we get older, we […]

15th September 2020

Supporting adult learning: my experience working with older DSA learners

Inclusivity in adult learning We have a huge challenge ahead of us. As the waves of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to ripple through our society, we expect to see increased numbers of adults returning to education – to retrain or to learn new skills. There is a clear benefit for learning for all age ranges, […]

17th August 2020

Marina Gaze: Helping adults with learning differences

What makes adults with learning differences distinct?  In my experience, most adults with learning differences are very clever people.   They have often spent much of their life covering up or self-managing their learning differences.  Usually, they have worked very hard to get to where they are in their career and education. This has often meant missing out on the social side of life.   Many adults with […]

25th August 2020

Q&A: Stewart Segal in Conversation with Cognassist

Our head of science, Dr Louise Karwowski, recently sat down for a Q&A with former AELP CEO and board member, Stewart Segal, to talk about best practice for apprenticeship providers when it comes to learner support. Louise and Stewart look at the current pitfalls of providers, the changes that are taking place and how organisations […]

15th July 2020

How to Become More Adaptable and Flexible to Change

Back in 2016, the World Economic Forum predicted that cognitive flexibility would be in the top 10 skills in the workforce for 2020. This has turned out to be more critical than anyone could have predicted! As many of us return to work, we are all finding that we need to change how we work, […]

2nd July 2020

Don’t Hesitate: An Open Letter to Adult Learners

There is never a point in life where learning becomes irrelevant or impossible. I want to talk to you about how I know this to be true. The proof lies in our understanding of the human brain. It makes up everything we are, but we don’t often think about what’s actually going on up there. […]

19th June 2020

Digital Agenda Impact Awards 2020 WIN: Education Category

We are overwhelmed to receive the award for innovations in the Education category at this year’s Digital Agenda Impact Awards. Thank you to the judging panel! It is a real honour, and for a growing company to be among such incredible nominees with BBC’s Own It and Century makes us extraordinarily proud. Everyone nominated deserves […]

8th June 2020

Keep Caring and Carry On: Customer Success Insight

As a Customer Success manager, being at home for this amount of time and not being able to visit clients – except through a computer screen – is a little dispiriting. I currently have clients from both ends of the spectrum; some are completely closed because of the situation but others are saying it’s business […]

28th May 2020

Bud and Cognassist collaborate for greater efficiency and security for customers

We are proud to announce the launch of our new integration with Bud.  This is the first integration that we have implemented with a learner management system, and it will greatly improve the efficiency and security around the exchange of learner data between Bud’s customers and Cognassist. Owen Thomas, COO at Bud, has said, “We […]

19th May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week: CEO Chris Quickfall on Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

I’m no stranger to stress and anxiety. I’m the CEO of two high growth companies, lost all my money twice, and all my hair once with alopecia… Stress-induced alopecia, no less, and because of this, I take my mental health super seriously. I wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until I was 21. When I was growing […]

15th May 2020

How to Stay Focused and Motivated When Working Remotely

Many of us are finding our work and home life blurred together, and by now the lustre and novelty of working from home will have worn off. Offices that have been hastily created in bedrooms, kitchens, basements and conservatories loom over our daily personal life. And our co-workers, who either have fur and insist on […]

4th May 2020

The F Word: Your Learners Will Thank You for Using It

Funding is a bit of a dirty word in the industry. It is the role of all providers in the sector to help people develop their skills in whatever way they can. However, there is still a well-meaning but misguided perception that makes funding seem more like revenue stream than a support stream. Training providers […]

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